PerfectAntivirus 2012

An alternative to big name antivirus programs


  • Scans your system during install
  • Nice, easy to use interface
  • Choose the aggressiveness level of antivirus scans
  • Optional help popups available


  • Few advanced features
  • Requires you to uninstall some other antivirus programs

Very good

PerfectAntivirus is an antivirus program that scans your computer for viruses and spyware.

These days, it certainly doesn't hurt to have a backup antivirus program, or even to explore lesser known alternatives. Despite its boastful name, PerfectAntivirus may not be as well known in the sphere of popular antivirus programs used to ensure your PC's security. It's well worth a look as a second precautionary measure, or even to try out if you're dissatisfied with your current antivirus.

PerfectAntivirus has a nicely designed interface that makes it easy to navigate between screens. Some of the features aren't all that intuitive on first look though. Fortunately, PerfectAntivirus has helpful advice pop-ups you can enable by clicking on a grey and white question mark on the bottom right of the interface. This will allow more question marks to appear next to each different feature. Just run your mouse over each one to get a small, helpful pop-up description of the task it performs.

In addition, PerfectAntivirus also scans for viruses and spyware while it initially installs, which is pretty nice for those who don't like to sit through a lengthy installation process, and then another long virus scan. PerfectAntivirus might force you to uninstall programs like Microsoft Security Essentials though, before letting you complete its own installation.

PerfectAntivirus also doesn't offer a whole lot by way of advanced features. With a colored status circle front and center at the top of its interface, it's certainly an easy to use program for people who might be new to navigating an antivirus tool of its kind.

For a second opinion on the security status of your machine, or as an alternative to more popular programs, PerfectAntivirus is work a try.



PerfectAntivirus 2012

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